Integrated Wind Power is an independent project management consulting company that specializes in the preconstruction permitting of wind energy projects.

From assisting in identifying suitable sites and securing the necessary permits , through to understanding the project costs and the implications of legislation, Integrated Wind Power works to navigate projects from an initial concept to the point where construction can begin.

Permits, Licenses, Approvals and Consents typically include:

  • Civil Aviation Authority Obstacle Approvals
  • Environmental Studies, Permissions and Approvals
  • Mineral Rights Approvals
  • Agricultural Department Consents
  • Building line Setback Consents
  • Town Planning Approvals
  • Water Affairs Approvals
  • Electricity Regulator Licenses

Other activities that are managed include Aviation Radar assessments, Grid Studies, Geotechnical investigations and Legal Agreements.

Integrated Wind Power has experience in assisting with bidding in the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme.